Hufflepuffs rule, but weasley is our king

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Harry Potter au where Harry didn’t lose being a parsletongue and Albus buys a snake as a pet one year because snakes are cool and one day just walks in on Harry and the snake having a deep conversation

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A very brief history of Greek diglossia.


An interesting long post about Greek diglossia, from Pseudoerasmus. Here’s Wikipedia on diglossia, for context: 

In linguistics, diglossia refers to a situation in which two dialects or usually closely related languages are used by a single language community. In addition to the community’s everyday or vernacular language variety (labelled “L” or “low” variety), a second, highly codified variety (labelled “H” or “high”) is used in certain situations such as literature, formal education, or other specific settings, but not used for ordinary conversation.

The high variety may be an older stage of the same language (e.g. Latin in the early Middle Ages), or a distinct yet closely related present day dialect (e.g. Norwegian with Bokmål and Nynorsk, or Chinese with Mandarin as the official, literary standard and colloquial topolects/dialects used in everyday communication).

And another excerpt from the post: 

Imagine a Greek member of Parliament in 1900. He could choose from amongst three words for “fish” — not three words with slightly different meanings, but three words expressing exactly the same thing.  In ordinary conversation, he would have just said ψαρι /psari/ (Demotic), but during a Parliamentary debate he might speak about οψαριον /opsarion/ (Katharevousa). But if he were writing a report on the Ottoman harassment of Greek fishermen, he might write, perhaps to just show off, ιχθυς /ichthys/ (Attic). (Read the rest)

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#*dies of emotion* #but what if molly was his companion once #and now he stops by for breakfast #and keeps commenting because it seems like every time #there’s another ginger kid #adn when he sees harry it’s like ha! #i knew they couldn’t all be ginger! #and molly doesn’t bother telling the doctor that harry isn’t hers #because he is after all one of her boys #and she loves him just as though he was a weasley (via dwcompanion)

those tags broke me a little inside 

#Molly Weasley turned Daleks into actual pepperpots, because, honestly, she doesn’t have time for their nonsense.

I just fangirled.

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